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Restaurant eMarketing is the brain child of Sam Rubin, who started working in the restaurant industry at the age of 15. Working his way up from Bus Boy to Server to Bartender he noticed that many restaurants were spending all of their marketing dollars on trying to attract new customers and they were doing very little to retain their current customer base.

During Sam’s studies at the University of Florida, one of his advertising and marketing classes allowed him to create the basis for Restaurant eMarketing. That was in 1997 and since that time the program and service has evolved from text-based emails to graphic emails that accurately represent each client’s brand and image.

Over the past several years strategic alliances have been made with leading providers of surveys and online ordering to create a one-stop shop for cutting edge marketing and revenue generating campaigns.

Whether you are a one location restaurant or a multi-unit chain, it will feel like you are the only customer for Restaurant eMarketing as we constantly watch and maintain each client’s database and campaigns to ensure only the best results.

Before joining another email marketing service, contact Restaurant eMarketing to discuss your needs and let us create a sample email campaign for you to show you the power of our services.