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"Aurelio's Pizza is a 44 year old full service pizza concept based in Homewood, IL (Chicagoland) and has 39 stores across 6 states, with 36 stores being franchise locations. We were looking for a partner to help us achieve an electronic marketing solution without having to hire a staff of people internally. While at the 2013 NRA Show in Chicago we met Sam Rubin. He showed us his platform and we were immediately sold. Traditionally franchisees are terrible at local marketing. We had two things that needed to be addressed, the design of email blasts and the speed at which an email blast could be designed and sent. Restaurant eMarketing met exactly what we were looking for.

We have an internal person that handles the communication of what is needed and when to send. This person relays this information to Restaurant eMarketing. This person also takes the calls from the franchisees and then engages Restaurant eMarketing if it is something that is specific for a franchise location. We began sending weekly email blasts in July 2013. The results have been great. Many of our stores have seen 7-10% sales increases. I can not express to you how great the service level is from Restaurant eMarekting. They are truly a partner of ours in every sense."

- Kirk Mauriello

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